Saturday, December 26, 2009


On Christmas day, The Star reported that Tan Sri Robert Phang "was not convinced with Wee's explanation & he said the truth would eventually prevail & he believed more details would eventually come out. He urged MACC to pursue the PKFZ scandal to end without fear and favour".....What nonsense!!!! I need to reiterate the following facts:
1. It was I LOVE MALAYSIA portal which reported & accused me of involving in PKFZ scandal and it was purposely put up in Ti Lian Ker's Blog and the news was highlighted in the Star. I stood up to deny in toto simply because PKFZ is a development project undertaken by KDSB whereby neither my former firm nor myself has been involved in this project. In 2005, my former firm was one of the 5 consultanting firms engaged by Wijaya Baru S/B to carry out the feasibility study for Port Klang & its future berth extension and its competitiveness for the next 30 years prior to the preparation of the Detailed EIA report should MOT allows it to be carried out. This has nothing to do with PKFZ project as the latter is only a development of a free zone area that's been concluded during Tun Ling's time. The "concerned bloggers and personalities" are utterly irresponsible in twisting facts, with the malicious intent to confuse fellow bloggers, netizens and the rakyat by linking my name and/or my former firm with the PKFZ project. What these people have FAILED to mention to the rakyat is that the area of study and the location of PKFZ is two entire different place.
2. During my PC on 24 Dec, I was stating facts. Whether Robert Phang is happy with my explanation or not, it is irrelevant, i don't give DAMN. My PC has nothing to do with the so-called PKFZ scandal. It was NOT aimed at explaining PKFZ for anybody at all (please check with those reporters who attended my PC on Christmas Eve). The Star in collaboration with Robert Phang twisted it as though i am defending PKFZ project. This is unscrupulous and atrocious.
3. As a member of administration, i will fully support whatever decision made by the government on PKFZ's issue. This has been my stand since day one.
4. The feasibility study report for the proposed Port Klang Berth Extension Programme was submitted to MOT in 2005 & a presentation to the top officials in MOT had been arranged the following year. However, due to some constraints, the proposal was kept in view (KIV) by MOT. Since then all local & international consultants did not proceed with the consultancy job. Again, I wish to reiterate that the said study was not for PKFZ but rather the overall port planning.....which eventually did not go through.
5. As a Buddhist, I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around. I will not tolerate character & political assassination. Like Robert Phang has said, I too believe THE TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL, i.e., I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN PKFZ PROJECT. Mark my words, I shall hit back on the injustice done upon me.
Wee Ka Siong


thunderkajang said...

Dear Dato WKS,
One people who stand on authenticity will never fear to listen/face to those non-facts based and malicious allegations appeared in someone's blog or any particular mass media. However, you definitely deserve the right to defend your own integrity and credibility if those smear allegations/twisted facts has its own hidden agenda which had brought injustice upon your good personality and reputation. Your explanation seems clear cut, reasonable and most vital part, it is acceptable by the silent majority. Thus,
"To continue your aspiration with courage, To pierce the injustice with determination" BRAVO!!!

3 said...


Press on and take legal actions if necessary against these people who throw stones and hide their hands. They just want to tarnish your good name without knowing the details of the issue.

Frank C said...

I saw you the other day at the coffee shop near Chan Sow Lin,

and wow,

your skin look good~ cool~

Frank C said...



Small Small Opinion:

"Never bend your body when u pass by the watermelon field,

Never raise your hand to clean your hat when you pass by the pear tree."

bl tay said...

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