Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dr Wee the youngest minister in the present cabinet

Full name: Wee Ka Siong
Age: 40
Marital status: married
Number of children: two
Education: PhD in transportation planning and Masters in traffic engineering.
Profession: professional engineer
Constituency: Ayer Hitam
Party and position: MCA, MCA Youth secretary-general
Contact number: 012-7197777
Deputy Education Minister Dr Wee Ka Siong who turns 40 this October is the youngest in the present Cabinet.
Intelligent, witty and resourceful, the MCA Youth secretary-general, is particularly passionate about education.
From organising and giving free tuition classes during his undergraduate days, Dr Wee rose to become a champion for countless students who are at the threshold of entering tertiary education.
As the MCA Youth national education bureau chief, he reaches out to the students via road shows and counsel them -especially those who are not well off- on the education options and financial assistance available.
The second-term Ayer Hitam MP has a doctorate in transportation planning from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Masters in traffic engineering from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.
1. How much time to do you spend on the computer?
At least an hour a day.
Do you blog?
Do you have a website?
2. Do you play a musical instrument, dance or sing?
Yes, I sing occassionally.
3. What kind of music do you listen to? Name a favourite song.
Sentimental music. I have several favourite songs.
4. Are you into movies? Name a favourite movie.
Yes, My favourite movie is Titanic. It is my first-date movie with my wife.
5. What do you read? What was the last book you read?
I love to read on various subjects; particularly books on education, politics and biography of world prominent leaders. Deng Xiaoping and the cultural revolution: A daughter recalls the critical years
6. Are you into English Premier League football? What’s your team and favourite player?
7. If not football, what’s your favourite sport?
8. What do you play? (Tennis, golf, badminton, etc) Who is your favourite sports star?
Badminton. My favourite sports star is Yang Yang.
9. Coffee or tea? Name your brew (latte, cappuccino, espresso, English breakfast, darjeeling, etc)
Tea, Earl Grey.
10. Got a nickname? How did it come about?
11. (For non-Muslims) What is your usual drink? (Wine, beer, whisky, etc)
Chinese tea
12. What languages can you speak?
Malay, English and Chinese/mandarin.
13. Do you smoke?
14. What is the gadget you can’t do without?
(Handphone, PDA, laptop, etc) Handphone.
15. What’s your favourite food?
Nasi lemak with chicken rendang.
16.You have a weakness for .... (hi-fi, the latest handphone, golf clubs, cars, shoes, etc)
The latest handphone.
17.(For non-Muslims) Do you have a dog/cat? What is the dog/cat’s name and breed?
18. What car do you drive and how long have you had it?
Toyota Alphard. I have this car for a year already.
19. What is your contribution to environmental conservation?
I was an environmental engineering consultant (Environmental Impact Assessment consultant) from 2000-2007.
20. Name an idol (dead or alive) whom you look up to and why.
Deng Xiaoping. He is a great leader, a visionary and a very pragmatic man.
21. Any phobia? Scared of spiders, enclosed spaces, etc?
22. Favourite Actor, and why
23. Favourite actress, and why
24. What do you like most about Malaysia? (food, hospitality, sunshine all year round etc)
Malaysian food.
25. What do you dislike most about Malaysians (poor service, bad toilet habits, lack of road courtesy)
Malaysians lacking in road courtesy.
26. Which sector in Malaysia would you like to see improvement? (civil service, healthcare, income tax etc).
I would like to see more improvement in the civil service.
27. If there is one thing that you wish you can change in the country, what would that be?
Change the mindset of civil servants.

pick from The Star Paper Tuesday August 5, 2008

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hua tang said...

Datuk Wee is a very talented and commited person.He has done alot and has a real heart to understand
problem face by chinese especially in education.Who else can do better than him at present.TQ Dr Wee.